MELANO that’s me!



Schmuck mit einem individuellen Charakter ermöglicht es Frauen, sich aus der Masse hervorzuheben – diese Idee lag der Gründung der Marke Melano 2004 zugrunde.   So wollen wir Frauen dazu inspirieren, sich selbst jeden Tag so zu zeigen, wie sie sind. Mit dem neuen Branding bekräftigen wir die ursprüngliche Vision.





MelanO is a family company in the southern Netherlands with an international character. A piece of jewelry that could not be repaired gave us an idea, an idea that, when combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, led to the creation of an interchangeable jewelry collection in which a large range of basic pieces and Meddy’s* are key.



We have dominated the scene since 2004, and we are continuously searching for innovations and creative designs. Naturally, we take our customers’ needs into account in this regard. We will embellish what they already have further based on their wishes. To add or subtract. And combine endlessly. We know them through and through because we constantly communicate with them. We let them surprise us and in turn offer them a creative concept. With a jewel to suit every age and every moment, constantly enhancing their personality. 





Because we are continuously evolving and constantly implementing new developments, we have put together this practical dealer book for our dealers. It includes information per collection on, among other things, pricing, available ring sizes, finishes, and colours of the interchangeable Meddy’s. The MelanO dealer book is updated every six months.





We don’t just offer a wide range of colours. We offer a wide range of materials too. Although the majority of our jewels are made using stainless steel, but we also like to use sterling silver, ceramic, and resin. This dealer book uses icons to indicate the other materials that can be used for a particular jewel, in addition to stainless steel. 






We know that our customers are just as enthusiastic as we are. They have accepted - in large numbers - the challenge to create their jewels together with us. We see this again and again on our social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. You can follow us there too.  We’d love to hear from you. 



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